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Spring Break

First we were off to Seattle for a quick weekend.  Friday – dinner.  Saturday – swim at hotel pool, lunch date out, Pacific Science Center and dinner. Sunday – General Conference at the Stake Center by the Seattle Temple then drove home.

Field trip to the lake to check out areas for Angie & Tyler’s wedding!!!

Lots of forts in the playroom.  More fort sleeping than bed sleeping.

Family bowling.  Look at that form!  I bowled my highest game ever.  Like 139!  Whoo hoo!

Paul Mitchell for some color.

Friend party for L at Chuck E. Cheese.  Notice the creepy way Chuck E is about to grab her shoulders.

There might have been some Mario Bros time..   

and some playing in the hail.

Then this guy showed up to help me with my first soccer saturday.  4 kids.  4 soccer games.  I so appreciated him coming from work to help out.  Did not so appreciate the ridiculous sunglasses.

Rori’s game was HILARIOUS.  This is her spotting me and waving as she runs down the field.  SO so cute.

Mercer’s first game too.  He was so nervous but he did great.

There you have it.  Our exciting Spring Break.  Also in there – ran 9.5 miles, Dexter finished the third book of Eragon by audio CD, lots of Legos, trips to the Library and I have just about finished off the Costco bag of Hot Tamales sitting on my desk.  By myself.

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Chad Anselmo - You may not know this but G wore those same style sunglasses everyday for 2 years in Jr High. Nice to see him going back to his roots.

Ashley - Looks like a great spring break… I will have to try hot tamales next time. My Costco treat was Swedish Fish – they are gone too and I didn’t share :)

VW - Well, if you’re going to overindulge, Hot Tamales are the way to go!


This little girl is now 8.

Yesterday I FINALLY took in 8 rolls of film that I have been carrying around for the past 4.5 years.  I got them developed and found this photo on one of the rolls.  (I don’t recommend carrying film around for 4 years, from state to state in a sandwich bag.  Did not do nice things to my photos.)  I could not believe how much she has grown.  And yet she is still the same.  Still loves to be barefoot, still loves to be outside with her hair down and in her face.  Still loves to blow bubbles in the breeze.  Still loves all things chocolate and sweet (like her mom).  Still happy and outgoing and friendly.

Still the same Lilli -girl.  Just in a bigger body.  And now – half way to 16.  AHHHHH!

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back from seattle, spokane wedding photographer

This weekend I was in Seattle to celebrate Lilli’s 8th birthday and to shoot a wedding, a beautiful wedding of two people in love.

I was excited to shoot this wedding and nervous too.  But once I was there, I was so grateful to be a small part of this day.  There is something  miraculous about a wedding, a joining together of two independent, unique, different lives into one.  Taking the talents, strengths, insights, passions, experiences and intelligence of two people and combining into them one awesome super power.  :)  Two is better than one.

LOTS more to come on this beautiful couple.  Congratulations to Lacey & Markus!

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